How do I get access to my transcript? (first-year college students)

If you are a first-year college student, you must upload your high school transcript as well as any grades you've received so far in college.

You can upload official OR an unofficial transcripts to your Sixup application. It is usually faster to upload an unofficial transcript, as those are the easiest to access.

To access your high school transcript, you'll need to contact your school's office and request a copy (remember unofficial transcripts are ok to use).

To access your unofficial college transcript:

1.  In most cases, you can log onto your school's online portal to access your unofficial transcript.

If you are struggling to locate the transcript, try Googling the name of your university + transcript. For example if you go to Sam Houston State University, Google "Sam Houston State University + Transcript". This should connect you with instructions on how to access the transcript. 

2.  Once you've found your unofficial transcript, you can take screen shots of each page of the transcript and upload. You can also save the transcript to your desktop and upload the file.

To access your official college transcript:

1.  While Sixup accepts unofficial transcripts, if you'd like to upload an official transcript, generally you would need to order this through the Registrar at your university.

2.  Locate your college/university's Registrar website and order an official transcript. (If you are struggling, Google the name of your university + Registrar. For example, Google "Sam Houston State University Registrar")

3.  Once you've received your official transcript, you can upload it directly or take pictures and upload the pictures.


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