How do I know how much to request?

You can figure out how much financing you need by looking at your Student Aid Report (SAR) and/or the Financial Aid Award Letter from your school. If you do not have those documents available yet, you can estimate in your initial application at Sixup, and we’ll get the details later.

Where to find your Student Aid Report

If you provided a valid e-mail address on your FAFSA® , you will receive an e-mail from the Federal Student Aid Office with instructions on how to access an online copy of your SAR. Click on "Login" on the FAFSA®  home page to log in, then select View or Print your Student Air Report (SAR) from the "MY FAFASA" page.

Where to find your Financial Aid Award Letter

Go to your school's website and log-in to the student portal. Find the financial aid page. Each school may label this tab or button differently, but it is likely to be something "Financial Aid Award". Contact your school's financial aid office if you cannot find it. 

Sixup Loan Amounts: 

Minimum loan of $2,500 per loan request

Maximum of $15,000 per academic year (must exceed $3,000 for Georgia residents and must be at least $5,000 for residents of California).


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