Do I need a credit score in order to qualify for a Sixup loan?


In most cases, a credit score is not required in order to receive a loan. However, if you have a credit history, that will be a factor in your loan approval and rate and, in cases, might require you to have a cosigner on the loan (such as having at least a 600 FICO score*). Also, based on academic and other factors, certain students will be considered for a loan only if they have a positive credit report and may need a cosigner. 

Note: A late phase in the Sixup application process involves a hard inquiry.


*Certain students may have high enough academic and other factors to be considered for potential loan approval but not high enough where they don't also need a positive credit report, and certain students may require a credit score higher than 600. Only one Consumer Reporting Agency is used to provide credit reports, so you may have a higher score or different information with one we don't use. 

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